re you the parent of a troubled teen and don't know what to do next or where to turn for help? Are you afraid your child will continue to struggle and ultimately fail? Do you feel exhausted by the tension and turmoil and guilt?

If so, you're in the right place.

My name is Joshua Wayne and for 18 years I've helped parents just like you transform their troubled teens into happy, healthy, successful young adults and respectful members of the family.

As you can imagine, with nearly two decades of experience I've helped parents overcome everything from minor challenges to major upheavals in the home. I'm sure you can relate to some of the most common concerns...

Disrespectful behavior at home that triggers constant stress, power struggles, disagreement, and fighting, as well as more and more distance between you and your child.

Borderline addiction to their digital devices. From cell phones and iPads to video games and computers, your teen is missing out on life with their mind and body consumed by tech.

A decrease--or total lack--of motivation or inner drive with their activities and interests...or simply a total lack of outside interests to begin with.

Poor performance or behavior in school with the very real danger of not getting accepted into college...or not wanting to continue on to higher education at all.

Spending time with the wrong friends or influences who encourage negative behavior, from smoking and drinking to skipping school and wearing provocative clothing.

Trouble with the law, from less-severe infractions such as fighting, shoplifting, or neighborhood vandalism to the more serious issues of drug use or even gang-related activity.

A lack of relationship with your own child. It's the hope and dream of every good parent, so missing out on the chance to have a happy, healthy, and loving bond with your teen is among the most painful experiences a mother or father can live through.

You may also relate to those parents whose teens aren't yet in trouble, but things seem to be heading in the wrong direction. There's distance. Changes in behavior. Warning signs. They're unsure whether they're making serious parenting mistakes and living with the resulting worry and fear every day.

If any of these problem sound familiar, you're not alone. Millions of parents struggle with these issues, and while most will continue down this path, you no longer have to.

There is a way to erase these concerns and bring to life the happy, healthy, and successful teen you know is inside your child. It's what I've dedicated my life to...and what I now want to share with you.

"Thank you would never be enough."

To say that the change we have seen is dramatic sounds trite, but it is the only way to describe how our son has progressed. He is now focused, goal oriented and achieving. Working with Joshua has brought out qualities that have been hidden for many years.

Our son is now reaching for higher goals and for a life with purpose and direction. Joshua Wayne helped our son recognize and start to achieve his potential. Thank you would never be enough.
{Sherry Anderson, Boston, MA}

Helping transform teens into happy, healthy, successful young adults is my passion.

It's the reason I started working with children as a teenager myself, and why I began working with families professionally almost 20 years ago. It's also the reason I earned my master's degree in counseling as well as my national counselor certification (NBCC).

I want to serve parents in need. Few things are as stressful, painful, destructive, or simply heart wrenching as struggling with these issues. Even worse is the fact that they're unnecessary.

When you follow the right steps, in the right order, you can replace the pain with joy--I've seen it happen time and again.

It isn't a miracle or chance; it's simply a matter of following a proven protocol that brings together the proper principles, activities, breakthroughs, and insights to solve the core problems and put in place healthy and long-lasting alternatives.

After years of development, I began sharing these strategies with families one on one in private coaching sessions. This allowed me to perfect the process. It also allowed me to witness the results firsthand, which were far beyond my expectations.

And this gave me the inspiration I needed to expand my reach.

To help more families, I decided to take my message and methods to larger and larger audiences, teaching thousands of parents and children how to thrive together through assemblies, training sessions, radio shows, national publications (including The Huffington Post), workshops, and community programs throughout the country.

As news of my methods and results began to spread, police departments, school districts, state and local governments, youth groups, and more began requesting my help and expertise. (Some of my most gratifying projects were directing a $5 million federally-funded 'Safe Schools, Healthy Students' initiative and serving in a leadership role on the front lines of the urban education reform in Washington D.C.)

To top it all off, I appeared on The Style Network as a guest expert and coach for the television show, Relationship Rehab.

I was sharing my message with a larger audience, but I still wasn't satisfied. My true passion and purpose was to put my entire program in the hands of every parent who needed it, no matter who they were or where they lived, so after countless requests I decided to take the final step...

I combined everything--my years of research and study, firsthand experience, case studies, proven systems and sequences, as well as tools and techniques learned from training with some of the top performance coaches in the world--into a single solution, a complete program for parents who want to turn their troubled teen into a healthy, happy, successful adult.

My dream was to create the ultimate resource for parents struggling with their teens. After years of development, fine-tuning, testing and perfecting, Your Successful Teen™ is a reality.

You no longer have to struggle. You no longer have to wonder what to do next. You no longer have to hope and wait for things to improve. I spent two decades of my life looking for the answer and, finally, I can give it to you.

"With incredible speed and clarity..."

By the time we found Joshua, we were in a full-blown crisis. With incredible speed and clarity he was able to identify the dynamic in our family that precipitated and allowed the problem to continue.

In a very short period of time, he helped us become empowered in dealing with our situation. I am so grateful for Joshua’s expert guidance and support in this process.
{Sal Robinson, Brooklyn, NY}

I know how overwhelming it can feel.

You have a thousand thoughts racing through your mind...questions, concerns, worries, doubts, fears. The challenges you're facing can seem too great to handle, too complicated and too deep to fix. But as complex as it may seem, the path to a successful teen is actually clear and simple.

As I mentioned, it's not about luck or chance or some parenting's about following the right steps in the right order. Like any great recipe, if you follow the proven strategy you'll get a successful result. After twenty years in the making, here is the recipe I'll soon be sharing with you...

In the first module of Your Successful Teen™, you'll discover the critical insights to finally understand your teen's behavior and how together we're going to create a new direction for you and your family.

The four basic human needs that every teen, regardless of age or circumstance, tries to fulfill with their behaviors.
The first three steps to regaining your confidence as a strong and capable parent.
How to quickly remove yourself from the frustration and anger and see your child's behavior for what it truly is.
The sources of teen anger and how best to respond to each type to quickly diffuse and erase it.
How to fully understand what is going on with your teenager and what causes him to act the way he does.

In the second module we'll cover precisely how to get out of crisis with your teen and bring balance to your home; you'll discover strategies and tactics that will forever change your family.

How to remove their access to the control panel in your mind, helping you reclaim emotional control of your home and yourself.
The five-word sentence that will change the way you look at parenting forever.
Precisely how to re-establish yourself as the respected head of the household.
My most successful method to help parents stop taking their teen's behavior, attitude, or antics personally.
How to completely extinguish every unwanted behavior including arguing, begging, complaining, blaming, and talking disrespectfully.
The Ultimate Teen Behavior Control Formula: CALM2
Bonus Lesson: Finding Your Center--a proven tool to help you remain calm in every situation no matter how your teen tests you.

In the third module you'll learn the keys to maintaining a strong relationship with your partner--one of the keys to your teen's ultimate success--whether you're married, a single parent, or a step-parent.

How to quickly and easily get on the same page with your spouse, partner, or ex.
The secret to actually improving your relationship every time your teen acts disobediently or disrespectfully.
How best to handle times where a step-parent is adding stress and pressure to the situation.
The true difference between rights and privileges...helping you finally figure out what you should and should not allow in your household.
The Gambler Theory: How to establish unambiguous rules in your home that your teenager will follow.
Knowing which battles to fight and which to pass by (knowing the difference will save you countless headaches).

In the fourth module we'll cover effective consequences as well as successfully dealing with extreme situations such as frequent lying and out of control or even violent behavior.

How to use consequences correctly, a vital but often misunderstood process of helping your teen thrive as a successful adult.
The Lying Strategies--what to do when it happens, how to make sure it doesn't happen again, and how to rebuild the lost trust
How best to deploy your Trump Card in dealing with difficult situations so you always stay in control of your home.
How to hold your teen accountable, and help them make better decisions, even when they're facing diagnosed challenges such as ADD/ADHD, signs of depression, and Oppositional Defiant or Conduct Disorder.

In the fifth module we'll lay the foundation for an extraordinary relationship with your teen, from bringing down their defenses and becoming a part of their world to building their confidence and emotional security.

The specific triggers to avoid when dealing with your teen to keep them from shutting down and shutting you out.
The four-word question that will instantly increase rapport with your teen.
Timing--there are right times to engage your teen and their are definitely wrong times. I'll teach you the difference.
One action you can take today that will remove stress, confrontation, and disappointment, replacing them with happiness and calm.
The three-word tactic that will motivate your teen to earn your respect, willingly and consistently.
How to master the single most important skill in your arsenal...the key I've found to be most powerful in the last twenty years of coaching families.
My framework for setting healthy expectations, giving your teen a sense of accomplishment pride.

In the sixth and final module you'll learn the formula I've perfected over my career to help your teen become a happy, healthy, successful young adult. You'll learn how to become the role model, coach, and mentor they need to choose a new path, reach their goals, and pass your lessons on to their own children.

How to successfully shift your role to coach and mentor and do it without triggering one of the most common teen reactions.
My most powerful strategy to help your teen begin taking full responsibility for his or her life.
The five-step goal-setting system your teen will actually use to create empowering, challenging, and achievable goals now and in the future.
How to eliminate unreasonable or irrational thinking the moment it arises.
My proven, three-step model for helping parents turn their teens into extraordinary adults.

Finally, I'll share my Successful Teen Formula, a powerful framework that brings together each principle into an easy-to-use model to help you get results as quickly as possible.

The information, resources, strategies, and tactics within these six stages have helped thousands of parents, just like you, turn a struggling teen into a proud and productive member of the family. For many, it seemed impossible, but soon enough they discovered that, with the right techniques and proven principles of teen psychology, the dream of a happy and healthy child was within reach.

"...learned more in two hours...than I did in eight years..."

I learned more about myself and my role as a parent in two hours with Joshua than I did in eight years with other therapists. {LeeAnne Walsch, Sammamish, WA}

Below are just a few of the countless benefits parents have experienced after putting these methods to use in their homes. Every situation is different, every family unique, but chances are you can relate to their excitement and are looking forward to sharing in more than a few of their results...

Once and for all, power struggles with your teen are gone. The tension, stress, and fighting that once filled your home is replaced with peace, calm, and actual conversation.

Crisis is eliminated. No more overwhelming chaos, no more debilitating fear, worry, or guilt. Instead, you have balance and harmony.

You're the parent you always hoped you'd become. Every new father and mother dreams of being a capable, confident role model for their children. Backed by the proven strategies, you become that proud parent.

Your child is no longer struggling but instead laying the foundation for success in their education, their relationships, their career, and their community.

The guilt is gone. The ever-present, consuming guilt or shame parents feel when their children struggle, finally and forever, vanishes.

You and your spouse or partner are closer than ever before. The process, when done correctly, actually brings you together and deepens your bond.

You know, without a doubt, you did all that you could to help turn your teen's life around. You didn't give up. You didn't run away. You took action and you saved your family.

Frustration and disappointment are replaced with beaming pride. You couldn't be happier about what they're now doing and who they've become.

The relationship you always wanted with your child is there, every single day, bringing the two of you closer together and filling you with incalculable joy.

A responsible, self-sufficient young adult who is prepared not merely to survive, but thrive in the world. You never want them to leave home, but when you've done your job, they can.

A second chance. A true family. A happy home. A new life.

It's results like these that inspire me to do what I do. Nothing compares to the relief and the joy parents experience when their families are filled with laughter and love, not guilt and regret. It may sound like a distant dream, but it's right here, right now.

"...instrumental in improving
the relationship with our teenage son."

Joshua has been instrumental in improving the relationship with our teenage son. By teaching us methods to communicate more effectively, our home environment is now nurturing and stress-free. {Dean Marrson, Riverdale, WI}

My mission is to help as many parents as possible, which is why I've combined every one of my most powerful systems and strategies into a single, comprehensive solution.

No longer do parents have to invest up to $2,000 a month for my personal longer do mothers and fathers have to travel to hear my talks or join my workshops. Instead, you can now get the exact same material and resources--my complete program--instantly and for 1/20 of the price.

In place of my normal fees, I'm happy to announce you can get the entire Your Successful Teen™ program for only $97--but you won't pay that price either. For a short time, you can get the entire program for an additional 30% off.

By requesting your copy today, the breakthrough strategies I've used to help parents transform their teens and their families--valued at over $2,000--can be yours for the price of taking your family to dinner and the movies, a small investment with an immeasurable return.

To give you every tool you need to help your teen transform into a successful young adult, all orders placed today will also include each of the resources outlined below, absolutely free of charge...

The Motivated Mind is Jason Gracia's best-selling guide on taking control of your life and your future through the power of positive motivation. Discover the latest tools and techniques to tap into your teens inner drive without relying on willpower or outside pressure.

  • Learn the paradigm-shifting truth about motivation

  • Discover the real cause behind every action and behavior

  • Teach your teen the best attitude (it's not a positive one)

  • Learn the secret to inspiring action instantly

I have just finished reading The Motivated Mind for the fourth time. It ranks among the five most important books I've ever read. I wish I had this book when I graduated from college 30 years ago. Still, I know it's going to help me set and achieve my goals for the rest of my life.
- Jack Zavada, Streator, IL

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One tip a day is all it takes to nurture a happy, healthy family with this never-before-released handbook on health, Communicate, Lose Weight, Celebrate.

  • How to be a healthy role model for your children

  • The most effective way to start your family eating healthier

  • How to make exercise something everyone looks forward to

  • Two secrets to turning dinner time into a fantastic family experience

Packed with activity checklists, worksheets, tips, tricks, and recipes, Communicate, Lose Weight, Celebrate will give you everything you need to ensure healthy communication, healthy lifestyles, and lasting happiness at home.

30 Chaps, 101 Pgs

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Tired of not getting what you want? Or not getting it quickly enough?

Do you wonder why some kids always seem ‘up’ while others just walk around with a bad attitude? Or why some people seem to have all the luck, while others experience life as a see-saw of good and bad?

Inside this breakthrough guide are the keys to excelling in your life. Once you learn them you will understand why those who use them succeed, and those who don't often fail.

Let these principles guide you through high school, college and beyond, and you too can master the art of getting ahead in the world.

12 Chaps, 112 Pgs

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Part #1: The Secret to Unlocking Your Teen's Inner Drive
Motivation is vital to your teen's success. Different teens, however, have drastically different styles of motivation. Discover your teen's unique 'motivation language' in this exclusive audio workshop and tap into their inner drive like never before.

Part #2: The Secret to Dealing with Disagreeable Teens
Does your teen seem to disagree with everything you say, making it impossible to get through regardless of what you're trying to communicate? In this audio workshop, you'll learn Joshua's insider secrets to gaining consistent compliance from oppositional teens...while building a stronger bond with your child.

30-Minute Audio

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Written by Jeffrey Leiken, MA of the HeroPath For Teens International and Evolution Mentoring International, The 7 Critical Decisions for Teens reveals the seven choices that set the course of a teen's life.

Get them wrong and they'll suffer through years of insecurity and struggle, delaying the transition into adulthood and wasting valuable time and energy on a path that will never lead to contentment.

Get them right, however, and your teen will be on the path to a life of deep fulfillment and satisfaction. Leiken shows you the way.

25-Page Report

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One of the most critical choices facing any teen is their career direction. Who should a teen turn to for career advice? Often it's teachers, parents, and peers who have very little knowledge of the subtleties of today’s job market and what it takes to break into a career that is a good match.

In this 30-minute audio, Dennis Charles, a career coach who has worked with youth for over 20 years, goes through the process of how he takes his clients from having no direction to having careers in which they are successful, satisfied, and fulfilled.

30-Minute Audio

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We periodically update our programs, adding new features, resources, and bonuses. Order today and you'll receive all of these improvements absolutely free for the life of the program. You'll receive notice of every addition along with simple instructions for downloading the latest edition.

Program Updates

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From motivation to fitness to finally breaking down your teen's defenses, your bonus package has everything you need to get the best results from the Your Successful Teen™ program.

Valued at nearly $200, each bonus will automatically be included with your order if you're among the first to place your order. (If you see these bonuses, you are still eligible for your bonus package.)

But that's not the best part. I want to help as many parents as I can, so I've decided to take on all of the risk, making your decision to order as stress-free as possible. How exactly? With a guarantee I know you'll love...

"...confidently go out into the world..."

Joshua's guidance has allowed me to confidently go out into the world as a happy and balanced individual, making the most of my surroundings and striving to be my best. No one has come close to matching Joshua Wayne's help and guidance.
{Chris Grove, Teen, Chicago, IL}

I may know this program works, but you don't. Not until you try it for yourself can you experience the results, which is why I'm happy to offer the following guarantee: If, after listening to the program and following its methods, you don't experience drastic changes with your teen and family, you have every right to ask for your money back.

And to demonstrate how confident I am, this guarantee covers your investment--not for 30 days like most others, not even six months or a year--but for an entire lifetime. If Your Successful Teen™ doesn't perform exactly as you hoped, you can request a full refund, whether in ten weeks or ten years.

How can I make this guarantee even better?

Claim Your Package Today and Keep Everything
The Bonuses & The Entire Your Successful Teen™ Course
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You'll receive nearly $200 in bonuses as well as the full Your Successful Teen™ program just for trying the course. And if you show proof that you followed the strategies and still didn't get the results you hoped for, you'll receive a 200% refund.

"...a great sense of confidence and
excitement in moving forward."

I was amazed how quickly we cut through the inessential and got down to what really matters. You immediately helped me make the shift to where I needed to be in order to make the decisions I had to make. I felt a great sense of confidence and excitement in moving forward. Thank You. {Erica Delaney, Stanford, CA}

Your copy of Your Successful Teen™ will include everything you need to help your teen transform into a happy, healthy, young adult. With the combination of resources outlined below, you'll find every step of the program easy to understand and even easier to apply.

1. Six Audio Modules
The primary portion of Your Successful Teen™ is delivered through six audio modules, with a total of nearly three hours of audio.

Each module will be available for instant download after purchase. No waiting, no shipping fees.

With the convenience of audio, you'll be able to listen to the course on your computer, phone, iPod, or iPad.

2. 115-Page Course Companion Guide
Audio isn't the only training tool, however. Also included with your program is the Successful Teen Companion Guide.

Full of exercises and activities, this study guide will not only complete your understanding of each step of the program but also give you the opportunity to immediately begin using the strategies to improve the life of your teen.

3. 115-Page Audio Transcript
You'll also receive a written transcript of each segment in your course. With a complete manual of the entire program, you'll be able to quickly review sections of interest as well as work your way through the program when away from a listening device.

All Available for Instant Download--In Your Hands in Just Minutes

And don't forget, if you're among the first group of parents to order, everything below will be automatically added to your package, available for instant download.

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With an offer like this, you won't find a better time than right now to begin transforming the life of your teen. To receive everything outlined above...the six modules of the Your Successful Teen™ program, seven bonus guides, interviews, updates, discount, and guarantee...simply click below:

After working with thousands of families, I've discovered three types of parents...

  1. The parents who do nothing. They hope and they wait for things to improve, waking up each day praying their teen will choose a different attitude or path. I wish this worked, I truly do. But, as we both know, problems tend to get worse when left alone.

  2. The parents who are committed to finding an answer and do it on their own. They invest countless hours trying to find a way to help their teen, taking on their shoulders the responsibility of becoming therapists, psychologists, life coaches... It's honorable and can lead to dramatic improvements. But it's a long road and consumes a great deal of time, time that can never be found again.

  3. The parents who recognize the problem and use a proven solution. Like every parent, they hope for things to get better, but instead of waiting patiently or trying to do it all themselves, they look to people who've already figured out the puzzle--people who've already studied, researched, tested and proven their methods. They save time, money, effort, and heartache, all the while bringing change to their homes and families faster than they ever dreamed possible.

You're obviously not the type to wish and wait, nor are you the type to guess at the answer alone. You want proven ideas that deliver real results. It would be an honor to share mine with you.

You've always done the very best you could for your family. You may not have always known the right step to take or the right choice to make, but you tried your best. And you're trying again. This time you'll have me by your side, offering decades of experience working with thousands of families to help transform your teen into a happy, healthy, successful adult.

Click here to get started.

Joshua Wayne, MA
Creator, Your Successful Teen™

PS. By requesting your copy of Your Successful Teen™ today, you'll automatically receive your discount, your bonus package, and your one-of-a-kind guarantee. To get your copy now, click here.

"...worth more than you may know."

I cannot tell you how much your advice has helped. I've come back to your words many, many times. By doing so, I'm no longer just treading water and struggling. I can't thank you enough for your insight... it's worth more than you may know.
{Walt Gussin, Norfolk, VA}

Disclaimer: We do not offer professional or legal advice nor can we guarantee results. Each client’s success depends
on his or her knowledge, motivation, and actions. For more information about our disclaimer, click here.
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